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Boot Camp In A Bottle

Zero Calorie Meal Replacement

We specialise in fast effective weight loss, helping thousands of customers lose weight since 2011. Our customers report a typical average weight loss of 7 to 9 lbs after using Boot Camp In A Bottle as a meal replacement so if you're serious about losing weight, then we have a serious product to help you.

Dramatically cutting your calorie intake is the fastest way to lose weight. Weight loss shakes are the safest and healthier way to cut your calorie intake. 87% of our customers say Boot Camp In A Bottle is the most effective weight loss product they've ever tried.

It has virtually no calories, is fortified with vitamins, fills you up and is only made of natural ingredients so it's the healthier option too. Each bottle is just $39.99 and there are 50 servings so each serving is only $0.80 so it's also the most affordable diet you will try.

All purchases are fully refundable with 30 days for any reason so get started today and join the thousands losing weight naturally without feeling hungry.

All Natural Ingredients

No Sugar. No Carbs. No Fat.

Formulated to fill you up

100% of your RDA of vitamins

Typical weight loss 7 to 9 lbs

7 Day Plan

On the 7 Day Plan, replace all your meals with Boot Camp In A Bottle for the week and finish off with some soup in the evening. Boot Camp gives your body all the vitamins it needs and you will have more energy throughout the day. Alternatively, for slower steadier weight loss, simply replace one or more meals each day with Boot Camp. It's an ideal way to get back in control of your weight longer term.

How to Use

Boot Camp In A Bottle

Boot Camp In A Bottle

Use Boot Camp to replace some or all of your meals and snacks in the day. Have some low calorie soup in the evening. Repeat for up to 7 days at a time.
One Or Two Heaped Teaspoons

One Or Two Heaped Teaspoons

Whenever you are hungry, just add one or two heaped teaspoons to a tall glass or shaker.
Add Some Water & Shake

Add Some Water & Shake

Drink immediately, you will feel full but without the calories. Boot Camp is a safe, natural very low calorie diet great on its own or to help any calorie controlled diet.


Cait., 44, London
"All in all a combination of Boot Camp, healthy diet and exercise made me lose over 30 pounds! What’s more, I am writing this over two months since I lost the weight and there is no sign of it coming back."

– Cait., 44, London

James., 25, Berkshire
"I have now taken Boot Camp on three separate occasions to help me lose 7lbs each time. Because I wasn’t feeling so sluggish I was also able to exercise more which also helped me lose more weight. The only problem now is finding some trousers that fit!"

– James., 25, Berkshire

Our Story

We're a team of passionate people determined to change the weight loss industry forever with a very simple idea. Meet us in our video and hear from some happy customers.


Boot Camp In A Bottle
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Boot Camp In A Bottle

$39.99 (50 servings | $0.80 per serving)

Boot Camp In A Bottle is the all natural zero calorie meal replacement shake for fast and healthy weight loss. It is formulated to fill you up and give you all the vitamins you need without the calories.

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