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The Psyllium Plant

The Psyllium Plant

Boot Camp In A Bottle is unlike any other weight management product in that it is made of entirely natural ingredients.

The primary ingredient is psyllium – a plant found in India and parts of South America. You will have eaten psyllium in the past as it is often found in cereal bars. Psyllium is extremely high in natural fiber. Once eaten it expands to three or four times the original size.

It is this expansion which helps to make you feel full. Psyllium is also great at helping to clean out your digestive system. Many Boot Campers report that they very quickly feel less bloated after just a few days of taking Boot Camp In A Bottle as the psyllium works its way through the body, cleaning as it goes.

We then add activated willow charcoal. This effectively works like a sponge soaking up poisons, bacterial toxins, some viruses and gases in the intestines.  The ability to adsorb these various substances is due to the complex honeycomb structure of activated charcoal that is produced during the activation process.

We do not use sugar. We hate sugar. Hardly a day seems to go by these days without hearing a new report in to the direct relationship between sugar and obesity. It is the single biggest cause of us putting on weight and yet it is present in just about every weight management product on the shelves. Instead, we sweeten the product with stevia. Stevia is much sweeter than sugar but is calorie-free and has none of the evil side effects of sugar. It is entirely natural and, having been one of the first brands to use it, we are pleased to see other foods starting to introduce it in to their ingredients too.


Natural Sweetener, Stevia


There’s a few drops of orange oil to help with the taste of product – again this is sourced entirely from natural ingredients.

Then there’s the bentonite clay. There’s only a small amount of this clay in the product but it is extremely useful in the weight management process whilst you take Boot Camp In A Bottle and for the months following. When we over eat, our digestive system can’t always cope as well as it should. As a result, if you have been over eating for years, your digestive system will be clogged up with ‘debris’ that could be stuck to your digestive system’s walls. Not only does this contribute to your bloating and weight it also progressively prevents your body from digesting food properly in the future. This leads to further over eating and the problem compounds. The bentonite clay in Boot Camp helps to loosen the contents of your digestive system ultimately improving your ability to maintain your ideal weight in the future.

Finally, we add a sprinkling of the recommended daily vitamins.

We’ve helped thousands of people lose weight permanently with this product. Try it today and see what it does for you.

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